Currently a graduate of Staffordshire University with First Class BSc (Hons) degree in Creative Music Technology, I have had a great passion for music from a young age and since acquired a very eclectic taste and strong emotional attachment. Coupled with a desire to gain an extensive understanding of all musical genres has meant that actively analysing, performing and writing music has been a continuous hobby and emotional outlet for much of my life. My quest for knowledge and to further my skills in creating musical productions of my own is an infinite journey, one I am thoroughly enjoying and plan to continue as a career for the remainder of my life. My current endeavors now span across multiple platforms as my determination has guided me through an evolutionary development, fuelled by a yearning to write, record and produce new and better music. This natural progression has taken me from a preliminary listener at a young age, to a performer of four instruments (drums, piano, guitar and bass), emotionally engaged songwriter and comprehensive studio engineer/producer with innumerable technical and creative skills attained in the process. My main focus is to keep researching, learning and perfecting my craft in order to be a better contributing member of the music industry, undertaking as many different industry roles as possible to ultimately, allow me to single handedly or, as a team, guide any aspect of a project from an initial musical idea through the entire songwriting, recording, producing, mixing and mastering process, to deliver a high quality piece of recorded music as a complete package, meeting commercial standards and expectations.

This website is a personal portfolio aiming to showcase my talents, express my passion, outline my future ambitions and document my achievements as a producer, engineer, technician, musician and DJ.

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